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Update on the Stimulus Payments

Worried about your stimulus payment?
The IRS announced that they are resending stimulus funds to accounts that were closed after the last stimulus.
This announcement means that if you received your tax return via a bank account that has been closed, you should receive a check in the mail or a deposit soon although it might not be till the first week of February. You can check your stimulus status at the Get My Payment tool.
Receiving your stimulus through this resending process will still be faster than waiting until the IRS starts issuing tax returns in mid to late February.
For customers who need access to funds earlier than the end of January, we recommend our tax advance through Republic Bank. Bring your W-2 and other tax documents in to file your taxes and you can receive a direct deposit from Republic Bank using your refund as collateral.
Little Giant Tax Service has offered the Early Advance product for years and many of our customers have used it to help navigate tough situations. Whether you wait for the stimulus or get a tax advance now, Little Giant Tax Service is here to help you get your taxes done right!

Tax Advance Ends on the 28th!

If you need a portion of your advance sooner rather than on the government’s time schedule, you should do your taxes with our preparers before February 28th. Because the IRS is processing returns and beginning payments on tax returns that have refundable credits soon, Republic Bank will be ending the advance program for this year on February 28th.

If you want to take advantage of the time savings that they provide, please come see us. We are open every day of the week through the end of February.

You can also request a specific appointment time through our appointment form.

2019 Tax Advance from Republic Bank

What do you need for an early advance?

You need to have reasonable evidence that you will be receiving a tax refund this year. That includes a W-2 for any labor you have done, as well as having evidence that you have either overpaid your taxes this year (and will get a refund) or qualify for refundable credits.

Who qualifies for refundable credits? Come by our office to find out!

Little Giant Tax Services are proud to offer this service for our customers: if you need access to your tax refund and credits quickly, then come by our offices at 373 E Black St, Rock Hill, SC 29730, and you may be able to walk out with a tax advance that day.

Remember to bring your W-2’s!