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3 Steps to Prepare for Getting Your Refund Early

For a limited time, Little Giant Tax Services is proud to provide the Easy Advance product in partnership with Republic Bank. Beginning Thursday, January 4th, you will have a means to access your tax return and credits earlier in the year through the use of a loan against a tax refund. If you are interested in this option, you will need to come to our downtown location to talk to a professional tax preparer. Before you do, here are a few pieces of information you will need when you meet with us.

Income for the Year

The best tool for planning your tax return is a W-2, but many people will not have their paperwork this early in January. If you do not yet have a W-2, your most recent payment stub is the next best thing. For self-employed individuals, you need to know your Gross and Net Income for 2017.

Family Status

If you’ve ever done a tax return before, you probably know about this. But, here is a reminder in case you forgot. Tax Credits are based on how many people are in your family. Any special relationships (caretaking for a relative, children living part time with another parent, etc.) can impact the amount of your refund, so take some time to think through who is living in your home, relying on you for financial support, or other relationships of note.

More Information

With those pieces of information, the most important next step for getting a refund is to talk to a tax consultant. If you can get an early refund, how much you can get for the refund, and what type of early advance you get depends on much more information than we can cover in this post. For more information on tax advances, stop by our office at 373 East Black Street in Rock Hill to talk to a tax professional today.

Both new and returning clients are welcome to make an appointment by calling (803) 325-1444 or by contacting us through our website.

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