Good Financial News in York County

Sometimes good news is hard to come by. Dire predictions, crime, and “the sky is falling!” articles get more clicks and reads and air time than any positive report could. And while it’s not been touted in every corner, our area is experiencing steady growth, good numbers, and an altogether positive outlook when it comes to the local economy. This is good news for all of us living and working in the area, and it is worthy at least of a mention. has aggregated several data points from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey that paints a great picture of our area compared to other counties in our region, as well as the state and even the nation overall.

York County

From these charts and data, you can see that York County, South Carolina, with a population of about 228,000, is a great place to live, work, and do business. Compared to most of its neighboring counties, York has a greater percent of its population working full time, more of the self-employed, has a higher average household income, higher average hourly earnings, greater workforce participation and a lower unemployment rate. (Screenshot taken from here.) These are fantastic indicators.

The county boasts a robust board, York County Economic Development, dedicated to bringing and maintaining opportunities for workers and industry alike, with workforce development assistance and infrastructure improvements as part of their vision. Based on the American Community Survey data, they seem to be succeeding.

Good for All

Our area is striking the right balance between opportunity, quality of life and cost of living. Industries are finding a quality workforce, the self-employed are enjoying a market for their skills, and workers and wage-earners are able to find jobs that pay well. This is good news, and we’re glad to share it!