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Stop Worrying and File Your Taxes Today

April is here! And so is the end of tax season. If your taxes are not currently filed, here are some reasons that you should file them with a professional tax service, today.

Late Taxes Incur Fees

You have 15 days left to get your taxes filed before they are late. Although you can file a 6 month tax extension to avoid fees, why extend your taxes if you do not have to? Fees are avoidable if you work with tax preparing professionals to quickly and accurately collect the right information to file taxes.

Extend with Trust

If you need to file an extension, it is fairly easy to do. But, we recommend that you meet with a professional tax preparer before you extend your taxes. If you need to extend your taxes, you also need to have a plan in place to get the taxes filed and paid before the 6 month extension is over.

6 months is not a very long time. You need to create an action plan and follow through with it to ensure that you get your taxes finished before the extension. Do you need to find a funding source to pay an unusually large tax bill? Do you need to get records from business partners?
Working with a tax preparer today will help you create and manage an action plan to get your taxes done in the next 6 months and ensure you are not in the same position come October.

Is It Declarable? Probably

We are often asked whether certain income or expenses are declarable, and the answer is usually yes. But, without talking to a professional who knows the IRS’s thresholds and declaration requirements, quickly filing your taxes online exposes you to significant risk because you do not know what you do not know.

Managing Multiple Streams of Income

Many people who have side incomes avoid filing their taxes because of the fear of working with this extra income. Rather than avoiding your taxes for another day, work with a tax professional so that you will know exactly how much extra tax that Etsy store is going to earn you this year.

Waiting Til The Last Minute Increases Risks in Filing

We have already discussed the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know. Add to that the risks of filing in a hurry and the longer you wait, the higher the chance that you will not track your expenses properly.

Still Open 6 Days a Week

Although tax software websites have the incredible convenience of 24/7 access, many tax preparers, like Little Giant Tax Service, are open late in the evenings and on Saturdays until after the filing deadline. You don’t have to sacrifice the advantages of working with a professional preparer for convenience.

Ensure Peace of Mind

File your taxes, focus on your daily life. Taxes should not take up a significant place in your mental space, but they often do. With professional preparers, you get an ally in your corner who helps you understand the best way to meet the IRS’s demands and ensure that you do not incur fees or face undue risks of an audit.

Working with our experienced team of professionals will help you get your taxes filed quickly and accurately. Give us a call or stop by the office in downtown Rock Hill today to get started on your taxes and ensure your peace of mind.