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6 Reasons to Keep an Off-Season Tax Professional

6 Reasons to Keep an Off-Season Tax Professional

Tax season ends April 17, 2018, but Little Giant Tax Service will stay open throughout the year. What are the reasons someone may use Little Giant Tax Services throughout the year?

Help With Tax Questions

How do you track income made from a side project you have selling handmade doilies on Etsy? How will your college savings accounts for your children affect your tax bill next year? What do you need to do differently once the 2018 tax bill goes into force?

These are all questions people get during the year, and there are few people more qualified to respond to these questions that a professional tax preparer. During the year, year-round tax professionals are available to answer questions like these.

Manage Paperwork

There are more to taxes than just filing a return once a year. For many people, the yearly filing is the only time they interact with the IRS. Consider yourself blessed if this is you. For others, the rest of the year includes filing statements of income, paying taxes on freelance or business revenue, managing payroll taxes for employees, and filing paperwork for all of those.

Year round tax pros help with the large amounts of paperwork that people face throughout the year.

Follow Up with Current And Previous Year Tax Returns

Sometimes a tax-return will require additional communication with the IRS. Sometimes people need to file tax returns for past years. A tax professional like Little Giant Tax Services is available during the off season to communicate with our customers and with the IRS.

Track Paperwork Throughout the Year

Meeting with a tax professional can help you understand what types of paperwork you need to track. A tax professional can also act as a consultant to help you plan expense and income tracking throughout the year. Rather than thinking about taxes as something you do between January and April, approach taxes with the realization that they impact your entire year. You need to be thinking about taxes with a year long approach.

File Previous Year Tax Returns

If someone is missing a tax return with the IRS from a previous year, the return is late. If you have not filed a tax return for earlier years, do not wait until the next open filing window from the IRS. They can pursue legal action against you for not filing your tax return at any time. Get ahead of them by working with a tax professional to help start the process of getting your taxes made right.

Meet the Extension Deadline in October

For people who are not ready to pay taxes by April 18, 2018, the IRS offers a 6 month filing extension. Taking this extension gives the taxpayer time to track down paperwork, find funding for a large tax bill, and meet with a  tax professional. Once the extension has been filed, the taxpayer needs to sit down with a tax preparer to plan out how to get taxes filed by the October deadline.

These are some of the reasons for working with a year round tax preparation service like Littlle Giant Tax Services.