IRS Updates June 12

IRS News For Early June

Here are your information updates from the IRS for early June.

The IRS reminds taxpayers to be vigilant against scams

Email phishing and telephone scams don’t end with the tax season, and they often take advantage of summer when taxpayers may be expecting a response from the IRS after filing. Know what to expect from the IRS and how to spot a scam. And with hurricane season upon us, know how to avoid falling for fraudulent charities.

Some penalties waived for transition tax on foreign earnings

The IRS announced that it will waive certain late-payment penalties relating to the section 965 transition tax, and updated the FAQ for that section.

Late filing penalty increases June 15

If you didn’t file by April 18 and also did not file for an extension, your late filing penalty will increase June 15. Penalties continue to accrue until the tax return is filed, but there may be relief if this is your first late filing and meet other requirements.

Taxpayers abroad have to file taxes by June 15

The IRS reminds US taxpayers living and working abroad that they must file their tax return by June 15 to avoid penalties. Individuals making an AGI below $66,000 may use Free File to electronically file their taxes, or to request an extension. Military and qualified support personnel living in combat zones do not have to request an extension.


Private colleges and universities offered stepped-up basis


Private college and universities selling property subject to excise tax may use a stepped-up basis for determining the tax on any gain. Generally, fair-market value of the property as of December 31, 2017 will serve as the basis for figuring net gain.


IRS announces interest rates remain unchanged

Interest rates for the quarter beginning July 1 remain the same as they were last quarter, which began April 1. Details and rates can be found here.

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