4 Tax Topics Little Giant Tax Can Teach Your Organization

Tax Topics for Speaking

Little Giant Tax Service was founded in 1994 and we continue to help local businesses and taxpayers with all their tax-related needs, including lectures and speaking on topics related to taxes.

Among the many topics taught by Melynda and Danielle, these four topics show how a group could benefit from our speaking. We would be thrilled to come to your business, school, church, business group, senior association, MLM meeting, or anywhere else to share current, up-to-date information that your group needs.

Keeping Your Tax Info Current

Are you a community group, church, employer, or other organization whose members are taxpayers? Most of us are! Several situations affect your members’ or employees’ taxes, being prepared is the best way to keep things running smoothly at tax time. Situations like marriage, divorce, birth or adoption, custody arrangements, and more all affect taxes, and some affect withholding. We can help your team or group keep your tax info current!


Small Business Tax Info


We can help your business group stay abreast of current tax information. Whether it is a networking group, a coworking space, or a club like Rotary, Lions and Optimists, we understand the unique tax needs small business owners face. Freelance groups, MLM teams, and other entrepreneurs would benefit as well. Let us help you do taxes right so that you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

What You Need to Know About Starting Taxes

If you’re part of an organization that includes people who may have not filed a tax return before or not in a long time, we can help. Schools, colleges, even detention/incarceration centers may have people who need to know how to get started, what information they need, etc. Our team loves to teach the basics of taxes, and our teaching will help them know what they need.

How Estate Planning and Tax Professionals Work Together

Estate planning is a difficult problem many people face, and taxes play an important part in any estate plan. We can discuss the taxes involved in planning your estate with church groups, with retirement communities, or other organizations who desire to discuss end of life planning.

If these topics sound valuable to your organization, or if you want to request a different topic, please contact Little Giant Tax Service today.